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The Florida RV Parks and Campgrounds Association provides campground owners and operators with the support and tools necessary to run a successful RV Park business. There is strength in numbers, and as a member, you’ll belong to a powerful team that focuses on the common needs and interests of all RV Parks and Campgrounds.

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Florida RV Park & Campground Association membership is available to any RV park or campground that is open to the public and licensed with the State of Florida. As a trade association, the association does not inspect, regulate, or rate its members, but we do encourage high operational standards and quality customer service.  We accommodate both large and small campgrounds, and our dues structure is based on the number of licensed RV sites at your park.  The Florida RV Park & Campground Association is dedicated to helping our RV park and campground members be more profitable. To accomplish this goal we offer a wide variety of programs to help parks of all sizes:

Benefits At a glance

Legal Hotline

Legal assistance and a person to call when you have questions, or need clarification - from evictions to bingo rules and regulations and everything in-between.

Educational Programs

Top-quality Educational Programs, Regional Meetings, and Annual Conferences & Expos to keep you up to date on the latest in the camping, hospitality, recreation, and travel/tourism industries.

Marketing and Park Promotions

A free Campground listing in Camp Florida, The Official Florida Camping Directory©, which has a circulation of 300,000. Free Internet listings and detailed park information pages on the widely-used Camp Florida and Go Camping America websites.

Legislative Team

A Legislative Team that protects your interests and your rights at the State and National Levels of Government

Retail Discounts

Special Member Benefit and Discount Programs that save you money and increase income. Including, significant discounts on propane, music licensing, maintenance equipment and supplies, and much more.

Document Library

Florida ARVC maintains a complete Document Library containing Statutory Requirements, Opinions, News Letters and Special Promotional Programs.Plus, State and National Newsletters, Publications, and E-Mail Alerts that keep you up-to-date and in-touch

Campground/RV Park Annual Membership Dues

Park membership dues are based on the RV Park’s number of licensed RV sites.
Sites Fee
0 - 67
68 - 274
$7.00 per RV site
275 +

The membership year runs from October 1st to September 30, however, you may join at any time.  If your park joins after October 1st, you may not be included in the current year’s Directory but you will be included on the website.  Please contact the Florida RV Park & Campground Association office at (850) 562-7151 for more details or to verify your park’s inclusion in the current year’s Directory

              Multi-Park Discounts

A 10% – 25% “multi-park” discount is available for park owners who sign-up for more than one park.

  • 10% Discount for 2-5 parks
  • 15% Discount for 6-15 parks
  • 20% Discount for 16-40 parks
  • 25% Discount for 40+ parks


Park Membership Application

To join the association, please submit the form below.  Once your membership is processed we will send you a receipt and confirmation by email.

If you have any questions or wish to join and pay by phone, please contact the Florida RV Park & Campground Association office at 850-562-7151.

To determine your annual dues, please enter the number of licensed RV sites at your park below in the appropriate category:

For parks with 0 - 67 RV Sites
Your dues are $475.00

$475.00 each =


For parks with 68 - 274 RV Sites
Your dues are calculated at $7.00 per site  

X $7.00 per campsite =


For parks that have 275 RV site or more RV sites
Your dues are $1925.00

$1,925.00 each =


To Pay Offline: