Advocating for Florida's Outdoor Hospitality Industry

Welcome to the Florida RV Park & Campground Association (FRVCA), where we champion the future of Florida’s outdoor hospitality sector. With a dedicated commitment to advocacy, FRVCA actively represents RV parks and campground owners, forging legislative partnerships and alliances to ensure a favorable business environment. Our efforts are focused on promoting policies that enhance the landscape of outdoor hospitality, safeguarding the interests of our community, and influencing policy changes that directly impact your operations and profitability.


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Our Advocacy Team

Meet the Experts Behind Our Success

Marc Dunbar
FRVCA Lobbyist and Government Affairs Advisor
David Eastman

David Eastman
FRVCA Legal Counsel
David Eastman

These seasoned professionals lead our advocacy efforts, ensuring that the legal and legislative landscapes favor our industry.

Legislative Priorities

Advocacy for Industry Growth

FRVCA is vigilant in monitoring thousands of legislative proposals annually, ensuring that no harmful legislation passes that could negatively impact your business. Our advocacy focuses on:

Lower Taxes and Business-Friendly Policies:
Advocating for reduced taxes and creating an environment conducive to business growth.

Minimized Regulatory Burdens:
Working towards less burdensome regulations that allow business owners more freedom and flexibility.

Legislative Victories

Our Success Stories in Florida

Protection Against Government Shut-Downs and Regulations:
We've ensured that RV parks are considered essential, protecting them from unwarranted shut-downs and restrictive mandates.

FL HB 343 and FL SB 422:
Major legislative wins that: Preempt permitting standards for RV parks to the Florida Department of Health. Allow park owners to rebuild post-natural disaster without density reduction. Clarify rules, aiding operators in guest management and ejection.

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